TDR overview and saving 500 yen

The very first post for Konnichiwa Mickey. WOOHOO!!! Ok, so you have exited Maihama-eki (station) and you are on your way to the parks. Zippidee doo dah!!! Whoa, lets hold up a little bit. I got a little bit overexcited there.

First up, I will be using quite a bit of acronyms in my posts. Here are a few:
TDR = Tokyo Disney Resort
TDL = Tokyo Disneyland
TDS = Tokyo Disneysea

Ok, lets carry on. There is more to this resort than the 2 theme parks, TDL and TDS. TDR comprises of 3 Disney Hotels, 6 TDR Official Hotels, TDR Welcome Center, Ikspiari (A shopping mall), Bon Voyage (Here you can buy TDL and TDS merchandise without entering the parks), a monorail that circles the entire resort and of course TDL and TDS. There are also TDR Partner Hotels and TDR Good Neighbor hotels that are not within the vicinity of TDR, but free shuttle buses are provided to take you from your hotel to the parks. That was a lot of acronyms used in a paragraph. I promise to try and keep it minimal from now on. Here’s a map of the whole resort.

Just knowing the outlay of the resort can save you quite a bit of cash. Instead of taking the monorail which costs 250 yen, per person, single trip, you could walk to the parks.

Lets start with Disneysea. Now, using Maihama-eki as our starting point, if you exit the station and walk left, the TDR Welcome Center is just there. Beyond that is Ikspiari. If you walk through Ikspiari, all the way to the other end, you will emerge at the Disney Ambassador Hotel. From the Disney Ambassador Hotel, you have a choice to make. You can either take a 5 – 10 minutes walk or take the Disney Resort Cruiser from the hotel’s shuttle bus stop to Disneysea. If you choose to walk, you will continue walking pass the old Zed Theater till you see a park with an odd looking statue of what I call, “5 green men in the sky.” Turn right to Disneysea. 250 yen saved!!! If you walk from Maihama-eki all the way to TDS, the walk will be about 15 – 20 minutes.

Roman Tarassov aka K-9, lead guitarist for Moochie Mac & Superfriends, in front of the “5 green men in the sky” statue. Once you get to this statue, turn right and Disneysea will be just a stone’s throw away.

Disneyland is way easier to walk to from Maihama-eki. Once you exit the station, turn right. Up ahead will be Bon Voyage. As you continue walking past Bon Voyage, you will see TDL ahead of you. 250 yen saved!!! The walk from Maihama-eki to TDL will take you about 5 – 10 minutes.

To and fro, that’s 500 yen saved!!! That’s a churro and a drink in the parks!!!


3 thoughts on “TDR overview and saving 500 yen

  1. Thanks so much for putting all of this info together. I’m in the very beginning stages of planning and trying to soak up as much as possible!

      • Thanks for the offer! I may have to hit you up on it. Right now my anticipated visit to Japan is June 2015, but I’m crossing my fingers for June 2014. I read that’s when the kids are taking finals and so the parks might be a little more manageable on the plus side, but on the down side it’s also apparently the rainy season. Planning these trips is a little like banging your head against the wall! I remind myself that this is probably exactly how people feel trying to plan their trip to WDW, which I’m able to do in my sleep! I just keep trying to earn my travel karma by helping lost people in my city so that when we do travel the travel gods will hopefully smile on us.

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