3 must use systems – Single Rider

Now that you know how to utilize Disney’s Fastpass and Priority Seating, lets move on to Single Rider. Single Rider is currently available on 3 attractions in TDR. The system is available on Splash Mountain in TDL, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull and Raging Spirits in TDS.

This system is the most straightforward, compared with the previous two that have been discussed. You walk up to the attraction with this facility, inform the cast member that you want to take the Single Rider line and he/she will direct you to a line that will have very few people in it. This will save you and your party a lot of time if the attraction has a significant wait time.

This is how the system works. Cast members will allow the normal queue onto the rides first and if there is a single seat available, Single Riders will be given that seat. For example, on Raging Spirits, riders are paired up in the ride vehicle with a maximum of 6 in a vehicle. If there is a party of multiples of 2, you most likely will have to wait a little longer. If a party of 1 or 3 or 5 comes along from the regular line, you most likely will get a seat from the Single Rider line.

Roman Tarassov aka K-9, guitarist for Moochie Mac & Superfriends, on Raging Spirits with a bunch of strangers after utilizing the Single Rider line

Another thing to take note about Single Rider lines is that there is no definite waiting time when it comes to this system. It could go real fast or it could be a little wait. I would recommend using this system only if you are comfortable with riding alone, don’t mind your party splitting up to ride an attraction, do not want to purchase a ride photo (Available on Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull and Splash Mountain) and if the waiting time for the normal queue is more than 30 minutes.

Indiana Jones Adventure queue. The left lane is the normal queue. The one on the right is the Single Rider queue. I like the one on the right better.
Special thanks to Peter E. Lee for the picture

Now that you know more about Disney’s Fastpass, Priority Seating and Single Rider, it would be way easier to plan and try to get the most out of your TDR experience. These are tools to help you see and experience more of the 2 parks. If you plan your day properly, fully utilizing these 3 systems, I am very sure that you will have a more enjoyable day at the parks.

Tip: You could use Fastpass and Single Rider hand in hand to experience more attractions. You could get Fastpasses for the attractions without a Single Rider line and be a Single Rider for those with the Single Rider facility. You could see more attractions with minimal wait times that way.


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