Little Mahina’s first ride in Disney (Jan 2013 Trip Report Part 2)

It was going to be Mahina’s first ever trip to Disneyland. Our plan for the day was to just enjoy the atmosphere, take in the sights and to take some pictures with the characters. A leisurely day in Disneyland was in the cards. We did not have high hopes on getting her on any attractions as it is stated on the official website that infants had to be able to sit on their own without any support. Mahina was only 5 months old at that point. She could sit on her own, but she definitely needed support. With that being said, we were still going to try to get her on her first ride. It would be wrong for us not to try. Can you guys see the evil grin I have on my face right now?

Mahina ready for a day in Tokyo Disneyland

Mahina ready for a day in Tokyo Disneyland.

We entered the park earlier than opening time as we stayed at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. We entered about 15 minutes before opening time. World Bazaar and Tomorrowland opened early for all TDR hotel guests. There will normally be one attraction open at this time in Tomorrowland. From my experience, it’s either Buzz Lightyear or Monsters Inc. For the day that we were there, it happened to be Monsters Inc.

My wife and I decided against having a go at Monsters Inc after watching a lot of people sprint towards that direction. A little preview of Tokyo 2020 there. Instead, we tried to get a character picture with Mahina. There was an array of characters at the entrance. There was a really long line for a lot of characters. I don’t like the idea of standing in line, especially if it’s the first thing in the morning. Then from the corner of my eye, I saw a character standing all alone. No one dropped by to show him any love, so I decided to. In my mind, it was way cooler to show my daughter that her first ever picture with a Disney character was with Captain Hook rather than Mickey. It would be different. It would be more rock and roll. Aaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!

1st ever picture with a character for Mahina. Say hello to Captain Hook little one!!!

1st ever picture with a character for Mahina. Say hello to Captain Hook little one!!!

When the park officially opened, we headed to get Fastpasses for Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. Fatspasses for this attraction disappear quick, so I highly recommend getting your Fastpasses for Pooh’s Hunny Hunt first thing in the morning. There have been days when I entered the park an hour after opening time and they were all gone. I repeat. This attraction should be your first stop upon entering the park.

Once we got our Fastpass tickets, we headed over to Toontown. For the first time in my life, I was going to head over to Mickey’s House to meet the mouse. Things change when you become a parent. We joined the line and after 30 minutes, we got to take pictures with Mickey. The first thing Mahina did when she saw the mouse was to squeeze his nose. That put a smile on my face. A memory I will never forget.

Mahina attacking Mickey's nose.

Mahina attacking Mickey’s nose.

Triple M. Mahina, Mickey and Mummy.

Triple M. Mahina, Mickey and Mummy.

Squeezing Mickey's hand.

Hand in hand with the mouse.

As we were walking back to Pooh’s Hunny Hunt for our Fastpass return time, I noticed a popcorn stand with a flavor that I’ve never seen in both parks before. Corn Potage popcorn. This was new to me. Got a box for 300 yen and munched away. It tasted really good. Not the best I’ve tasted, but still really good. In TDL, the honey flavored popcorn (outside Pooh’s Hunny Hunt) is still my favorite. We also managed to catch Donald on the way.

Corn Potage Popcorn stand.

Corn Potage Popcorn stand.

Corn Potage Popcorn.

Corn Potage Popcorn.

Donald with the Shahs.

Donald with the Shahs.

We carried Mahina and proceeded to the Fastpass line of Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. We wanted to take our little one for her first ride in Disneyland. Showed the Fastpasses to the cast member and….. she let us in without saying a thing!!! We were so excited for Mahina. This was going to be her first ever ride in any Disney park and what a ride to start off with. We walked through the line and entered the ride vehicle, put Mahina in her seat between us and lowered the handle bar. I had my arm around Mahina throughout the ride. She really enjoyed it. She was smiling all the way in the ride and that smile will forever be engraved in my brain. This was the best Pooh Hunny Hunt experience that I’ve ever had. Brilliant.

In line for Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

In line for Pooh’s Hunny Hunt.

Mahina in Pooh's ride vehicle.

Mahina in Pooh’s ride vehicle.

Getting secured in our seat.

Getting secured in our seat.

With that beautiful memory made, we decided to fill our tummies with some Disney chow. The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall was the destination of choice for lunch.

To be continued….

*For a full review of The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, click on the name of the restaurant above or here.*


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