Grandma Sara’s Kitchen

Tucked in a quiet little corner of TDL, lies a cosy little restaurant called Grandma Sara’s Kitchen. I stumbled upon this restaurant after going on an adventure with Brer Rabbit on Splash Mountain. An adventure like that will make almost anyone hungry, so I walked to the closest restaurant which happened to be Grandma Sara’s Kitchen, sat my behind down and let Grandma Sara work her magic. Grandma Sara’s food will whet your appetite and get them taste buds dancing. Down here in the bayou, everyone knows Grandma Sara.

Grandma Sara's Kitchen

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen

Grandma Sara's Kitchen Menu

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen Menu

Grandma Sara’s is a two story, counter service restaurant. I really like the atmosphere of this place. It’s very welcoming and comfortable. I walked around the restaurant for a bit and found the theming of this place to be amazing. From pictures on the wall telling a little story about the restaurant, to a nice fireplace that will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. Grandma Sara really paid attention to details when she was building this place up. She even installed an elevator to assist her guests with wheelchair needs. I’ve been to this restaurant 3 times and I could get a seat, easy, all 3 times. Great atmosphere, ample seating, wheelchair accessible, great food. Grandma Sara’s got you covered. Don’t you worry.

Grandma's Fireplace

Grandma’s Fireplace

Grandma showing that she cares

Grandma showing that she cares

Grandma Sara's counter service

Grandma Sara’s counter service

Grandma Sara's seating arrangement

Grandma Sara’s seating arrangement

It was a cold and windy day, so I decided to go with the Beef Tomato Stew with Buttered Rice while my wife went with the Beef Pastrami and Pumpkin Salad. I also got the Sweet Potato Tart with Chestnut Cream. The beef just melted in my mouth and the buttered rice tasted so good. It got me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. The salad was good too. To top it all off, I took a bite into the Sweet Potato Tart and it was brilliant. This was a rare case. Most desserts in TDR don’t do it for me, but this one hit the sweet spot. Food in this restaurant is one of the best in TDL.

Grandma Sara's full menu 1

Grandma Sara’s full menu 1

Grandma Sara's full menu 2

Grandma Sara’s full menu 2

Grandma Sara's plastic food 1

Grandma Sara’s plastic food 1

Grandma Sara's plastic food 2

Grandma Sara’s plastic food 2

Our meal at Grandma Sara's

Our meal at Grandma Sara’s

Grandma Sara's amazing beef stew

Grandma Sara’s amazing beef stew

Great atmosphere, ample seating, great food. This place should be an easy 10/10!!! Well, not so fast little critter. I love this restaurant and I want to give it a perfect score, but I can’t. Why? Well, you see, Grandma Sara is above all, a business lady. The portion of food in this restaurant does not justify the cost. It takes a whole lot of Benjamins to maintain a 2 story restaurant with an elevator and a fireplace. That atmosphere ain’t free. I walked out into the cold wanting more of Grandma Sara’s food. Maybe, that was part of her plan after all. Hats off to you Grandma Sara. I will definitely see you again in the future.

Konnichiwa Mickey gives this restaurant an 8/10.


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