Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina

Up for some Mexican grub? Look no further than Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina because there is nowhere else. A Mexican restaurant with average Mexican food, a limited menu and loads of seating. This is the only Mexican fare you can find in the parks. I, for one, am a big fan of Mexican food. Miguel`s El Dorado Cantina is a nice place to rest your weary feet, but when it comes to actually having a meal, you might wanna spend your hard earned dinero elsewhere.

Miguel`s El Dorado Cantina

Miguel`s El Dorado Cantina

Miguel`s Menu

Miguel`s Menu

I`ve tried everything in this place and the food ain`t that great. It`s not really Mexican food. It`s a Japanized version of Mexican food. In my personal opinion, Mexican food that does not have a tinge of spiciness, is not Mexican food. It`s like Indian food with no curry. Fish and Chips with no chips. A burger with no buns. Prison food with no spit. It just doesn`t work!!! Also, a Mexican restaurant that doesn`t serve burritos is sad. I`m sorry, but I love burritos, so I had to point this out. It`s a personal thing. Can you imagine walking into a Vietnamese restaurant with no Pho? Or a Thai restaurant with no Tom Yam Soup? What about a McDonald`s with no high cholesterol? The nerve!!!

Miguel`s Full Menu

Miguel`s Full Menu

Miguel`s Plastic Food

Miguel`s Plastic Food

So, I`ve already pointed out the negatives of this restaurant. The food and the lack of choices. With that being said, Miguel`s is still one of my favorite places to sit back, relax and have a conversation in. This restaurant is big. There`s always available seating here. I also feel really cosy and comfortable in this restaurant. The Imagineers did an amazing job with the theming of this place. The “old wood”, “rusted roof”, makes me feel like I have traveled back to a simpler time. If you are looking for a place to chill out, this is one of the best places in TDS to do so. Mr Hot Wine and Mr Corona are also available to help you unwind. You can enquire about them at the counter.

Miguel`s seating 2nd floor

Miguel`s seating arrangement, 2nd floor

Miguel`s almost always empty 1st floor

Miguel`s almost always empty, 1st floor

A great place to relax and have a conversation. Not a great place to fulfil your hunger. If Miguel`s served up good food, this place would be up there with Ristorante Di Canaletto and Magellan`s. If I had it my way, I would have a burrito on the 1st floor of Miguel`s and some hot wine, everytime I visit TDR on a cold day. A perfect dining experience. Until that dream becomes a reality, the 1st floor and hot wine would have to suffice.

I recommend visiting Miguel`s El Dorado Cantina to get away from the crowd and to rest your weary feet. I`ve been to this restaurant more than 10 times now and everytime I visit, there is always available seats on the 1st floor. Also, the atmosphere on the 1st floor is better. You can see the river when you look out the window. It`s really relaxing. When it`s cold, the hot wine here does the trick. However, if your sole purpose is food, there are many other better places in TDS.

KM gives this restaurant a 5/10.


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