Soda Popcorn

TDR has a lot of different flavors of popcorn. From the conventional, like Caramel and Honey, to the not so conventional, like Cream Soda and Corn Potage. Caramel, Honey, Sea salt are the safe bets. You can never go wrong with them, but where`s the fun in that? Sometimes, it`s nice to take the unconventional path. Only by walking the unknown path will we get to widen our experiences. I was feeling rather adventurous on this particular day when we were in Disneysea and decided to go for a bucket of Soda popcorn. I was ready for a new experience. TAKE ME AWAY, SODA POPCORN!!!

Soda Popcorn wagon.

Soda Popcorn wagon.

Soda Popcorn signage.

Soda Popcorn signage.

Soda Popcorn Bucket

Soda Popcorn Bucket

One Soda Popcorn. Yes, one.

One Soda Popcorn. Yes, one.

Little Mahina chomping down Soda Popcorn.

Little Mahina chomping down Soda Popcorn.

Unfortunately, the only place Soda Popcorn took me to, on my adventure, was to the cleaners. It felt like I was eating some sort of cleaning solution, like detergent or shampoo. It wasn`t pleasant at all. Let me walk you guys through my adventure. First, I put a popcorn in my mouth and went, “Wow, this is terrible!!” Then I tried it two more times because I wanted to give it a fair review and I came up with the same consensus, twice. The more I ate it, the more I disliked it. However, Little Mahina kept chomping them down, but then again my beautiful daughter seems to enjoy eating anything. Little Mahina might disagree with my review on this one, but here it goes.

KM gives Soda Popcorn a 1/10. 1 point for creativity. Sorry Mahina.

I know for a fact that I wouldn`t be spending my hard earned coins on this, ever again. Don`t let this review stop you guys from trying though. I am curious to hear what you guys think. My wife and I didn`t like it. What about you guys? Where did this adventure take you? As for me, Popcorn reviews can only go up from here.


14 thoughts on “Soda Popcorn

  1. I still dream of milk tea popcorn — seriously my favourite flavour ever. I’d give the soda one a try, though.. but I can imagine it would taste like cleaning solution!

    And Hi, I’ve been following your blog for awhile and love it. I used to live in Japan and spent a year and a half enjoying TDR with my annual pass whilst studying there. Your blog brings back all those happy memories so thank you! 🙂

    • Hey there Umbrielle. Thanks for the comment. I love Milk Tea Popcorn too. Corn Potage is really good too. Thanks for those kind words. I really appreciate them. More posts to come real soon.

      • Corn Potage? I don’t think I saw that when I was living there, but might have missed it. Shame as it sounds good! I do love the curry popcorn, too, though. Yum!

        I look forward to seeing more! 🙂

  2. Love your blog. I’m from california and went to tdr last february for the first time and i can’t wait to go back again. Been looking for a blog in english from a tdr local and glad to have found this one, thanks!

  3. Found your blog today and I have to say it is amazing!
    I’m going to Japan in a couple of weeks and I plan on going to TDS, where abouts was this soda popcorn cart located? I’d love to give it a try!

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    • Hahahaha. I’m still dumbfounded by that name. Nobody has ever told me that it tastes like soda. It’s interesting. Wonder what management was thinking. 😦 Thanks for connecting.

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