Character Breakfast with Mahina in Makahiki, Aulani

Back in February of 2014, we took a 2 weeks vacation to beautiful Aulani using our DVC points. Yes, Aulani. The one in Hawaii. It has nothing to do with TDR, but I have fallen in love with Aulani, so I’m gonna write about it. END OF DISCUSSION YOUNG MAN OR LADY!!! (depending on what gender you are, you either pick the man or lady in the previous sentence for maximum effect. Thanks for your cooperation)

Aulani is simply stunning. Prior to staying in Aulani, my favorite Disney Resort Hotel to vacation in was Hotel Miracosta at TDS. Aulani battled it out with Hotel Miracosta in a 10 round bout and won in the end by unanimous decision. It was a close fight. Hotel Miracosta had the most beautiful Disney Theme Park at it’s doorsteps while Aulani had the facilities, amazing pool area and beautiful nature. Aulani has something for everyone.

Little Mahina enjoyed herself tremendously on this trip. Everyday was an adventure for her. One activity in which she had a lot of fun in was a visit to Makahiki for Character Breakfast. Recently, I reviewed Character Breakfast at Crystal Palace Restaurant in TDL. There’s no competition here. Unlike the battle between Aulani and Miracosta, if there was a fight between Crystal Palace’s Character Breakfast and Makahiki’s, it would be a waste of money to watch that fight because it would end in the first quarter of the first round. Lights out Crystal Palace!!! Makahiki was brilliant. It has great food, beautiful atmosphere, games for the kids to enjoy and of course, the characters.

Before showing us to our table, we took a family picture with Mickey

Before heading to our table, we took a family picture with Mickey

And of course, Little Mahina wanted to take a picture with Mickey by herself.

Little Mahina with Mickey by herself

Mahina participating in a game in Makahiki

Mahina participating in a game

Walking around with a fish on her hand

Walking around with a fish on her hand

Mahina performing with Minnie and Auntie for her friends

Performing with Minnie and friends

Listening to instructions

Listening to instructions

Showing off her musical talents

Showing off her musical talents

I’m showing you all these pictures not because I want to show the world that I have a really beautiful daughter. Wait, I lied. A part of me does want to show that, but my main reason is to show you guys that Mummy and Daddy are not in all the pictures except for the first one with Mickey. Why? Because Mummy and Daddy are busy stuffing their face with food and enjoying each others’ company while our daughter is in the safe hands of the Disney cast members, enjoying herself. It was a win, win, win situation. Mummy and Daddy got to enjoy the food while Little Mahina enjoyed the company of her new friends. There’s a strategy to this dining experience. I’ll tell you more later. For now, more characters.

Mahina and Goofy hugging

Mahina and Goofy hugging

Big smile

Big smile thanks to Goofy

Remember the strategy I was talking about earlier? Disney’s genius. Ok, here we go.

Mahina plays. We eat. Mahina gets hungry after playing. It’s super easy to feed her. After eating, she gets sleepy. We put her to bed and enjoy some cocktails at the balcony of our room. TADA!!!

Little Mahina got hungry after all that playing

Little Mahina got hungry after all that playing

Time for a nap

Time for a nap

All jokes aside, this visit to Makahiki was one of my favorite Disney dining experience. Mahina had a ball of a time too. Just remembering my daughter’s smile when she interacts with the characters and her new friends makes me want to do my best everyday to put that smile on her face again. I can’t wait for the next time to visit Aulani. Makahiki’s Character breakfast will be on the top of our to-do list when we visit again.

What’s your favorite Disney Character Dining Experience? KM would love to find out. Send us a comment to let us know.





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