Nana’s Green Tea in Ikspiari

This is Wife-chan and this is my first post. I hope that I can help every parent who wants to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. I would like to introduce a relaxing cafe in Ikspiari to you. There are many big name coffee shops like Starbucks Cafe, Tully’s Cafe and Honolulu Cafe around Tokyo. Nana’s Green Tea is one of my favorite cafes. You can enjoy many different kinds of authentic Japanese tea here. It also serves up light meals, sweets and has a cozy kids play area.

Nana's Green Tea

Nana’s Green Tea

If you wanna try some traditional Japanese tea, you can go for Maccha or Houjicha. For those with sweet tongues, like my husband, a glass of Azuki (Red Bean) drink will do the trick while those who prefer something that’s not so sweet, like me, a glass of Maccha Latte will help you to relax. Nana’s Green Tea opens a little earlier than a lot of other eating establishments in Ikspiari. It opens at 10am while a lot of other places open at 11am.

Nana's Green Tea Drink Menu

Nana’s Green Tea Drink Menu

Nana's Green Tea Food Menu

Nana’s Green Tea Food Menu

Nana's Green Tea Seating

Nana’s Green Tea Seating

I like Nana’s Green Tea a lot because I can enjoy my drink and relax while Little Mahina enjoys the play area. It gives me a little bit of time to unwind from a tiring, but fulfilling day spent with my family at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Nana's Kids' Space

Nana’s Kids Space

Little Mahina Enjoying the Kids Space

Little Mahina enjoying the Kids Space

Little Mahina posing for a picture

Little Mahina posing for a picture

Nana’s Green Tea is an excellent cafe. Children have a place to play while their parents can sit back and relax with a tasty drink. If you are rushed for time, Nana’s Green Tea also provides take out service. You can grab a delicious drink and enjoy your walk to one of the parks. I hope that you found my first blog post useful. I can’t wait to share more parenting tips with you in the future.




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