Strawberry Popcorn

When I think of strawberries, I think of the Beatles. I don’t know why. That’s just the way my mind works. Strawberry is probably one of my favorite fruit. Pineapple, Fuji Apple and Strawberry would be in my list of top 3 favorite fruits. Tokyo Disney Resort, can you hear me?!! I’ve got a few ideas on new popcorn flavors. I want a cut if you choose to accept my super creative ideas of Pineapple and Fuji Apple popcorn flavors. 10% of total sales should be enough to wet my beak.

Strawberry Popcorn Cart

Strawberry Popcorn Cart

Naturally, with strawberry being one of my favorite fruit, I was excited to try it. It smelled really good too. Sorta like cotton candy. Then, I grabbed one popcorn and slowly put it into my mouth. I felt like one of those models in a hair commercial. You know how they put on the shampoo, rinse it off and move their head from side to side to dry out their hair, all in slow motion? Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? That was the effect I was going for. After that, I started chewing and waited for the popcorn to blow my mind. Hold up!!! Something’s wrong here. It didn’t blow my mind!!! Wait, let me try it one more time. This time a handful. Hmmmm, still not mind blowing. What’s going on here!!!??

Strawberry Popcorn

Strawberry Popcorn

I was really disappointed by this. Almost to a point of depression. I felt empty. It was almost as painful as the time when Guns N’ Roses broke up. I’m distraught to say that Strawberry Popcorn is not on my list of top 3 popcorn flavors at Tokyo Disney Resort. It would have been cool if it was in my top 3 list, so that I could align it with my top 3 fruits. That way, I could have told the world that I LOVE STRAWBERRY ANYTHING!!!

Mahina chomping down Strawberry Popcorn

Mahina chomping down Strawberry Popcorn

So, I did what any awesome parent would do. I passed my disappointment on to my child. Little Mahina chomped it down like a champion. Overall, Strawberry Popcorn was disappointing. It definitely did better than Soda Popcorn, but then again, any flavor of popcorn would have done better than Soda Popcorn. Little Mahina might have given this a higher score, but for me, Strawberry Popcorn did not do enough to get placed on the medals podium.

KM gives Strawberry Popcorn a 4/10.



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