Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn

Finally, finally, finally, a popcorn flavor that I am excited to write about!!! So far, we’ve reviewed Soda Popcorn and Strawberry Popcorn which were both disappointing. Neither of them was worth 310 yen. I’m most upset about them taking up unnecessary space in my stomach. That space could have been filled with more fulfilling Tokyo Disney goodies like a calzone from Ristorante Di Canaletto or Mr Swordfish from Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. Learn from my mistakes, beautiful people of the world. I am your Tokyo Disney Resort lab rat and here’s a little secret….. I LOVE IT!!!

Most of you might already know that I was born and bred in Singapore. Food in Singapore is brilliant. I miss it a lot. So many different races and cultures living together in one little island. Lots of different spices and flavors coming together. My taste buds were pampered on a daily basis when I was living in Singapore. If you ever get the chance to visit Singapore, please EAT, EAT, EAT!!! Jalapeno & Cheese coming together reminds me of food from back home. This should be good.

Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn

Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn

Surprisingly, Jalapeno & Cheese popcorn was not as spicy as I thought it would be. It did not have that full flavor that you would expect when two strong flavors like Jalapeno and Cheese come together. Like a lot of foreign food here in Japan, it’s been made milder or as I would like to say, “It’s been Japanized!!!” Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoyed it. I just wished that the flavor would have been stronger, a little less toned down. I kinda wished that it would blow my mind and create this little explosion of flavor in my mouth, but it didn’t. I get this same feeling whenever I go to any South-East Asian restaurant here in Japan. Japanized!!!

Little Mahina enjoying Jalapeno & Cheese popcorn.

Little Mahina enjoying Jalapeno & Cheese popcorn.

On the upside, kids will also be able to enjoy this flavor of popcorn. Little Mahina enjoyed it. We found a place to sit down and shared the popcorn. Of course, Little Mahina had the majority of it, but we did enjoy some quality, family time together with our Jalapeno & Cheese popcorn.

Overall, I would recommend you to have a go at this flavor of popcorn. I felt that it was worth the money. If our paths ever cross in the future, I wouldn’t mind shelling out 310 yen again for it. Don’t worry about the spice level. Everyone should be able to enjoy it. I just wished that it was not Japanized. Finally, finally, finally, a favorable popcorn review.

KM gives Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn a 7/10.

PS: You can read about some other reviews of popcorn flavors here. Soda Popcorn and Strawberry Popcorn.


9 thoughts on “Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn

  1. Howdy! First I want to say I love your blog. Please keep up the excellent work!

    My family and I actually visited the parks for the first time during Christmas and enjoyed it so much that we are going again to the parks at the end of this month. I was wondering if you could tell us what popcorn flavors are available at the moment. Two flavors have already been change so Im curious to see what flavors have been rotated out. I should wait until we get there to find out but my curiosity is getting the better of me lol.

    P.S. I absolutely agree with you in regards to Singapore food. Singapore is a food mecca and if your a foodie of any kind, you must make the trek to try the food there. You will not regret it.

    • Thanks so much for those kind words. Yes!!! Someone to second what I said about Singapore food. Thank you!!!

      I know that there will be seasonal flavors. Like Soda popcorn is a seasonal flavor. With regards to the “permanent fixtures”, they have black pepper, strawberry, honey, caramel, curry, sea salt, milk tea and corn potage. If memory serves me right, those are the flavors that are permanently there.

      Hope this helped. Thanks for connecting. Cheers.

  2. Thanks so much for making this blog. Your reviews are helpful for my Husband and I to decide on what we want to eat and do when we visit next October. I was curious if the mickey mouse bubble tea was a constant item they had available? I really wanted to try it, but am afraid it was only available for the 30th anniversary? Do you know if it’s still available all the time?

    • Thanks for those kind words. Glad to be of help. The only time I’ve seen bubble tea is at Squeezer’s Tropical Juice Bar in Tokyo Disneyland and the drink menu changes seasonly. I looked through the Japanese website now and can’t find any bubble tea. Hope this helps. Thanks for the connect.

  3. Hi, I’m a fan of Disneyland (cuz it was heaven in my mind when I was growing up in LA) living in Tokyo. I just took my 10-month old boy to Tokyo Disneyland, where he braved both Pirates of the Caribbean and Snow White’s Scary Adventures with hardly a jitter (he only reached for mommy once on POTC and grabbed my hand once on SWSA). Just want to say that I love your blog and hope you keep up both the blog and the personal tone of your writing – I’ll be following!

    • Thank you so much for those kind words. We share a similar experience. My daughter went on POTC when she was 10 months old too. That was the first ever attraction that she rode on. Beautiful experience for me as a father. Thanks so much again. By the way, I will be upgrading the site and it will be known as something else soon. I will update you guys when the time comes. Thanks again. Cheers.

  4. I just found your blog through the MouseSavers newsletter and I wish I had found it sooner! I love it! We are going to be visiting for the third time in two weeks and we can hardly wait! We are staying at the MiraCosta this time and I can’t wait to try the restaurants that you recommend, not mention all the popcorn! Keep the posts coming!

    • Hey there Wanda. Thanks for those kind words. Really appreciate it. More posts are coming, but I am in the midst of revamping this site. I will be prettying it up. The new site will be called Honorable Rat. That will be ready in October. Do check that out when the time comes. You’re gonna love the Miracosta. It’s my fav hotel on-site. Enjoy your trip. Thanks for the connect again.

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