Baby Mine Store

Before I became a father, I didn’t know of this store’s existence. Heck, I didn’t take notice of many things before I became a father. I was drinking way too much and all I thought about was music. If I was not writing or recording music, I was out partying. Yes, I was living the life of a rock star, or at least I thought I was. The only thing that could tame me at that time was a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort. Whenever I visited Tokyo Disney, I would all of a sudden cut down on my drinking, sleep early, wake up early and head to the parks. I remember once, a few friends and I traveled to Tokyo for 5 nights. They were out drinking and partying for most of the nights. Me? Noooooo. I was drinking loads of water, sleeping early, hoping not to fall sick and visited Tokyo Disney for 4 of those days. My friends were really confused about my behavior. I know for a fact that if there was a Disney Theme Park in Singapore, I would have had a totally different youth.

Fast forward a few years and I am married to an amazing lady with two beautiful kids. Now, instead of writing a rock tune about lust, I am writing about diaper changing and feeding. Instead of spending hours at the recording studio, drinking, hanging out with the band, recording, I am spending hours in stores, restaurants, surveying products and food, writing about them, hoping to find you value, so that you won’t waste time or money the next time you visit Tokyo Disney. I’ve always been passionate about Disney and now, I am able to share my passion with all you guys through cyberspace. It’s beautiful. I feel like I just won the Miss Universe pageant. Now, I can run my fingers through Donald Trump’s hair and uncover a modern mystery. Hair or toupe? Whoa, hold your horses!!! Before we venture into the realm of Donald Trump’s scalp, we have a review to write.

Baby Mine

Baby Mine

Baby Mine Entrance

Baby Mine Entrance

Baby Mine is a store that sells…… ? Go ahead, make a guess. Booyah!!! Baby products. Couldn’t see that coming, could you? Baby Mine sells products for newborns all the way  to pre-teens. Most of it’s products are catered to newborns and infants, though.

Baby bibs

Baby bibs

Baby shoes

Baby shoes

Mickey Kids T-shirts

Mickey Kids T-shirts

As we walked through Baby Mine, we found many cute products, but nothing stood out to us. We were looking for Tokyo Disney exclusive products for our kids, but we didn’t find anything special. A lot of products had the Disney characters on them, but nothing that shouts, “Tokyo Disney Resort.” I can get similar products with Disney characters printed on them at a lot of baby stores around Tokyo for way cheaper. This shop is a missed opportunity by Tokyo Disney. Instead of just having the words “Tokyo Disney Resort” on some of the products, they could have used the attractions to their advantage. I would have definitely spent money on baby products themed to The Haunted Mansion, for example.

Tokyo Disney Baby Gift Set

Tokyo Disney Baby Gift Set

Before I became a father, I didn’t know of this store’s existence. Now I do, but, it doesn’t make a difference. This store is a waste of time. If Tokyo Disney would have just invested a little bit of creativity into this store, it could have been a hit. Until then, I will not spend one yen in this store. Why spend 5,000 yen on something when I can get a similar product for about half the price, somewhere else? A wasted opportunity. Anyways, forget about Baby Mine. Let’s focus on more important stuff. So, what do you guys think? Hair or toupe?

PS: If you would like do some more shopping in Tokyo Disney, KM recommends heading to The Home Store and Monsters, Inc. Company Store.





8 thoughts on “Baby Mine Store

  1. I think it’s a very clever comb over..LOL. (I used to be addicted to watching the Apprentice and he often made people touch his hair)

    But back to the topic.. I, too, have never set foot in that store but maybe next time I’ll take a look. Doesn’t seem too exciting, though! I’d love a little ToT or Haunted Mansion outfit for my twin boys when they’re born.. haha!!

    • Interesting. A very clever comb over. I know what you mean!!! I would love a TOT or Haunted Mansion outfit for my kids too. Tough to find wearables that feature the attractions in Tokyo Disney. Tsk tsk tsk. 😦

      • Well, regardless of whether it’s a comb over or a toupee, it still looks like a dead animal.. haha!

        Disneyland Paris is very similar, too. Nothing cool or creative, just pure expensive! Shame, really, as fans would pay for a cool outfit I think.. (well I would, haha!)

      • Hahahaha. Yes it does.

        I would spend money on a really cool outfit too. They should use the attractions more in their merchandise. I would love to get more T-shirts like that.

  2. Any insight or tips on the Alternate Ride System at the parks for those of us with little babies that can’t go with us on rides?

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