Underwear at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort’s underwear. I love it. Their one of my favorite products in the entire resort. In fact, I own quite a few pairs of them, myself. I would model them for you, but my “amazing” physique might be too much for you to take. Here’s a mental picture. My friends used to call me E.T because I have a big head and a beer belly. There you go. Now, let your imagination run wild.

A huge selection of underwear

A wide selection of underwear

Now, that’s a lot of underwear on display. I remember coming to Tokyo Disney Resort once with my friends many years ago and they had only a few pairs. Now, they have multiplied, much like Kanye West’s ego. Their price range from 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen. They’re pretty expensive if you factor in the fact that not many people will actually get to see you in them. However, the confidence you will get when you put them on is unparalleled. Whenever I don a pair, I always feel like David Hasselhoff. It’s an amazing feeling. You should “Hoff” it up too. Below are some of my favorite designs.

Mickey underwear

Mickey underwear 1,050 yen

The Wicked Witch underwear

The Wicked Witch underwear 1,400 yen

Ursula underwear 1,400yen

Ursula underwear 1,400 yen

Mr Potatohead underwear

Toy Story underwear 1,800 yen

Sully underwear

Monsters Inc underwear 1,800

Tokyo Disney Resort’s underwear can be found in some shops in the parks and Bon Voyage. From my visits to the parks, I’ve noticed that the biggest selection is in Grand Emporium, in Tokyo Disneyland and Emporio, in Tokyo Disneysea. In my opinion, this is a must get souvenir for everyone visiting the resort. Two words. David Hasselhoff. How can you pass that up?


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